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In an interview with British GQ, Evan Peters said that he’s going to take a break from acting.

As of now it’s unclear if he’ll be in season 9 of AHS. Let’s wait for more news. 😞



readers: new chapter????


readers: please????????


readers: PLEASE????????

me: another one shot

Do you think Cordelia would prefer her daughte…

Do you think Cordelia would prefer her daughter attending Robichaux’s academy or a normal high school?

hmm i think cordelia would ultimately let her daughter choose but she would prefer her daughter going to robichaux so she could follow in cordelia’s footsteps



Sister Jude💪

Sarah as a Mom PT2 

Sarah as a Mom PT2 

~If y’all haven’t already heard

~She’d be the most protective supportive mom out there

~Like if anyone messes with her kid, she’ll be in their home giving them a strict talking to sldjfl

~If it was a bully, she’d go to that kid’s house and talk to their parents

~She’s very involved

~Even though she’s busy with her career, she still makes time for her baby

~I’m guessing her kid would be very protective of their mom as well

~Like when it comes to toxic sarah stans, her kid would do their best to protect their mom from them

~And her kid would def get along with Holland

~Because Holland loves sarah a lot and her kid just wants the best for her

~When sarah had to work late, she would stay up facetiming with her kid until they fell asleep

~When her kid was sick, she would take a break from her job

~Like she would stop everything and go home

~She wouldn’t even let her kid go to school if they had a sniffle

~They would like listening to indie music

~Like sarah of course loves oldies

~But her kid would introduce her to modern music with a vintage sound

~Like Ariel Pink and Mac Demarco

~They would occasionally listen to pop music for fun, but on a normal basis it’d be very mellow music

~But when it comes to school, sarah gets really worried

~Because she wants to send her kid to private school, but her kid would rather go to public

~So she worries about people noticing her or treating her kid different because they’re sarahs kid

~OH now lets talk about her kid growing up

~So if her kid came out as gay to her she would be very loving and supportive ofc

~But if she like, found a condom in their room

~She’d be shook

~Cause she has a very hard time thinking of her kid growing up

~To her they’ll always be a lil baby

~So she’d just ask about it and want her kid to be open and honest

~She wouldn’t shame or punish her kid if they had sex (if they were like 16+)

~If they were younger she’d be disappointed tho and ask them to wait please and she’d try to help educate them on safe sex

~But it would just be out of love

~She would take her kid to award shows !!

~Like it would be so fun

~They would get dressed up together

~And she would let her kid get makeup done and pick out a fancy outfit

~And If sarah won, she would thank her child for being so amazing and say how much she loves them

I love Holland so much! I've loved her ev…

I love Holland so much! I've loved her ever since I saw her as Evelyn Harper on Two and a Half Men! I was so excited when I learned she and Sarah were actually together because two of my favorites happy and in love together in a HEALTHY relationship? Yes please!

we love tea 😌☕ they seem to be super happy together and they’re both so sweet and talented ! i honestly don’t know why ppl would make fun of someone that makes the actor you stan happy 

I miss your “Sarah as a mom anons”…

I miss your “Sarah as a mom anons”. People should ask creative questions again, cuz I really loved it

i just got to some asks that were about this ! my inbox is always open to anyone if you ever wanna send ideas 🙂 i love them too !

Same I bet she’d like protect Holland fr…

Same I bet she’d like protect Holland from all the toxic Sarah Stans who hate on her. I can also imagine Sarah FaceTiming with her daughter until she falls asleep, when she’s on set all night

dude there’s an alarming amount of ppl who love sarah but hate holland and make fun of her and it’s,,,,,troublesome lol

but yesss, i think sarah would ask for an extra long break around 9pm just to be able to call her daugter and sing her to sleep

What music would Sarah and her daughter enjoy …

What music would Sarah and her daughter enjoy ? Like on road trips?

oooo definitely tons of mixed genres

i think mainly oldies, like “stand by me” and “im your puppet” for example. but also soft rock like fleetwood mac, tom petty, and heart. her daughter might show sarah some of the more recent pop music just to see her reaction 🙂