Troy & Bryan X Reader “Gingers aren’t my type”

I walked around the dark haunting house with a bat by my side. Every turn i made I made sure no one was to sneak up on me. This was a dangerous game and-

“Tag! You’re it!” Bryan yelled into my ear while pinching my sides. I jumped and swung the bat instinctively. 

“Son of a bitch!” I yelled, my heart beating at 100 miles per hour. I heard cackling from Troy and turned my head, glaring at the mischievous ginger. 

“You are such an ass!” I yelled at Troy. We turned our heads, hearing a groan come from Bryan.

“I think she broke my rib.” He coughed out. I rolled my eyes and smirked.

“You’re dead.” I said in a obvious tone of voice. Bryan sighed and rolled his eyes, standing up fine.

“So are you.” Bryan said, using the usual smart ass tone he was born with. Troy chuckled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders while Bryan did the same to my waist. I slithered my way out of their grips and they sighed.

“Come on Y/N! Give us a chance.” Troy said to me. I rolled my eyes with a playful smirk on my lips. 

“Gingers aren’t my type.” I said to them, making Bryan chuckle.
“Playing hard to get only makes us want you more.”

“I don’t remember being a prize to be won.” I said chuckling and furrowing my eyebrows. I saw their eyes become a bit disappointed and sighed gently.
“How about this, let’s play hide and seek. whoever wins gets to take me on one date.” I said to the both of them. Their eyes lit up and I smiled at them both.

“I’m gonna win.” Troy said cockily.
“Not if I win first!” Bryan said back to his twin brother.

“You’ll have to find me first!” I yelled, disappearing into thin air. Being dead was fun if you had these two boy on your side, and I had them for eternity.