Carol x Reader || Carol Kissing You

Imagine #1: Carol Kissing you

Carol’s warm breath ran down your neck as she began to step closer to you. Her voice was soft and husky, quiet and sarcastic.

“Ya scared ?” She asked you, almost in a cocky sort of way, as if she knew you were already shaking from fear.

She held the shiv close to your body, only mere inches away. The most confusing thing is you hadn’t done anything to carol. Not one thing that would justify this situation. So why had she become so obsessed ? Stalking you in the halls, watching to in the courtyard. It just didn’t add up.

Your breath quickened as carol began to step closer to you, now her face was right in front of yours, you could smell her toothpaste in her breath. Your eyes watered from the mint.

You noticed Carol looked down, at your lips to be be exact. She bit her bottom lip and looked back into your eyes. Carol leaned in a you closed your eyes not knowing what could possibly come next.

But to your surprise you felt not a piece of janky metal being lodged into your side, but a pair of soft warm lips on yours. Carol massaged your lips with hers and you felt her smile against you. You heard her drop the shiv so she could push you up against the bathroom tiled wall. You felt your wrist being held up by her hands above your head, she was pinning you against the wall. Her warm body was being pressed against yours as she continued to kiss harder.