Thoughts on “The End”

The beginning of this episode was well done 👏🏾

I loved the opening titles. Those little references to murder house and coven were everything!

Evie Gallant is a big mood lol

The budget for this season must have been big cause the set looks amazing


“There’s no excuse for tardiness when there’s nothing else to do.” – Ms. Venable

Ms. Venable is not the bitch to cross. Coco sit your ass down lol

Why do I feel like Emily is gonna cause some fuckery to go down

I feel like Dinah is gonna be a favourite of mine for some reason

Amazon eve!!!

I’m so happy to see Kathy Bates back

The costumes are amazing

I think Ryan makes it a rule to show Evans butt at least once every season lol

The Uber driver from Roanoke 🙁

Okay the music that played when Michael was introduced! THROWBACK. Michael about to fuck up some shit at the outpost lemme correct myself. Michael Langdon is THAT BITCH. Venable watch your weave girl.