A few thoughts.

(Possible spoiler warning here)

-Ms. Meade and Ms. Venable, they don’t seem to be witches. However, there is something dark at play beyond their sadistic personalities. They used the Corporative to reach a place of security and then actively (secretly) defy it. This is especially rich coming from “follow the goddamn rules” Venable. What is their play? They’ve snaked their way up the ranks but to what end? Just survival?

-The two youths brought to Outpost 3 (I can’t remember their names) didn’t have any connections (just yet) to previous seasons. Correct me if I’m wrong.

However, we do know they are of a supposed genetic advantage. Any theories? Perhaps alien DNA? Maybe they’ve been “tinkered” with just like Kit and Alma in Asylum. Witch DNA?

-I’m assuming that the safe place that Michael is referring to is the Murder House. Perhaps it stands like an unholy fortress in this new world.

-WHERE IS THE FUCKING COVEN?! Not a single shot of any of our witches…really? Really?