Thoughts on “Boy Wonder”

Cordelia’s vision though that was some fucked up shit

Madison nobody cared that you died girl it’s okay lol

Queenie serving me looks with that bow on her head

“Perhaps the sudden shock of sunlight after leaving this dungeon.” – Myrtle Snow

Every time myrtle opens her mouth is get so fucking happy every word she says its ICONIC

I’m keeping my eye on Mallory

Cordelia hasn’t even been supreme for long and she already feels like she’s fading 🙁

LOL at these Beverly Hills bitches using Coco’s gluten abilities dfkm she looked like she was faking an orgasm or something

I stan John Henry Moore he’s woke

Behold shut the fuck up lmfao annoying ass fool

“Just don’t talk about your father.” – Ms. Meade….. girllll lol

All these warlocks are pissing me off

I loved seeing the old school style when Michael was doing the seven wonders

Ariel you better know your place boy comparing Cordelia to Fiona how dare you

“With the flick of my finger I could crush your larynx and tear it from your throat. Do not for one second think I am weak. I have humored you men and coddled your fragile egos but in no way does that mean you actually have a say. I outrank you. I can destroy you so I suggest you fall in line because I am still your supreme.” – CORDELIA FUCKING GOODE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN

I hated revisiting Misty’s hell omg


I couldn’t help but notice but Cordelia looked like she was in love with Misty when she was sipping that tea LOL

If my girl gets the heebejeebies then its game over

Cordelia finessing Michael into bringing back the witches for her benefit. Such a scammer I love it 

The white witch herself

Behold I don’t trust your bitch ass for one second smh

Murder house 🙂