about lana and the mommy kink (tw)

Before reading this just know I bring up talk of abuse ! Continue with caution loves. I’ve seen a lot of people who have been pretty rude towards me because I personally believe lana would have a mommy kink. I am here to give some insight why I think she would. Obviously she went through horrific events when thredson kidnapped her. He had a “mommy” kink and exposed lana to that. Now a lot of people handle trauma in different ways. If you know anything about (trigger warning⚠️) sexual abuse, the two main effects of it are hypersexuality, and sex repulsed. There are many other outcomes that could come out of that but those are the two most common. So I can definitely see why some people would think lana would want to throw up at even the word “mommy”. But there is also the possibility she could be attracted to being called mommy. Because every person handles trauma differently. Idk I was just thinking about this because I’ve been through trauma and abuse and so I just thought I’d let everyone know not everyone is the same and everyone handles things differently ! Sorry for the vent I hope you have a good day and reminder I’m always here for all of you 💓💕💖💗💞💘💝