Okay but hear me out: Misty as Mallory’s mom

This would include

Misty calling Mallory a bunch of cute bug nicknames like “june bug” and her favourite is “flea” when mallory is being extra hyper

Teaching Mallory about gardening

but leaving the magic part of it to Cordelia since she’s better

Them dancing together at 2am listening to Fleetwood Mac

Misty would just be so happy to have a daughter like Mallory

Mallory calling Misty “mama”

mAllory dEvelOpiNg a SouTHerN aCcENt ???

They would go looking for roadkill together so Mallory could heal the animal and Misty could bring it back to life

Misty would take Mallory on mommy-daughter dates in the woods and they’d like make flower crowns and Misty would introduce Mallory to her favourite alligator