Misty watching over Cordelia’s daughter headcanons

Requested by: Anon 💜

  • Misty would be so excited about watching her girlfriend’s daughter for her
  • She would plan a whole bunch of fun things to do
  • Once Cordelia left for her business trip, Misty immediately began her list of activities
  • The first thing she did was make a simple breakfast of bagles with cream cheese- her favorite thing to eat for breakfast
  • She would play her favorite Fleetwood Mac record (Rumours) during this time, encouraging the teenage girl to sing along to the songs with her
  • After breakfast Misty would take her to her swamp where she’d teach the girl how to use Lousiana swamp mud
  • She would be so proud when discovering that her girlfriend’s daughter was a natural with the mud
  • Then they would go to lunch at the teenager’s favorite restaurant, which ended up being a burger restaurant
  • Misty wasn’t the biggest fan of burgers (she felt bad about eating cows) so she ordered a grilled cheese
  • After lunch they would go shopping and Misty would buy Cordelia’s daughter and herself a shawl
  • Later that day when they returned home, they would listen to Stevie Nicks records and sing and dance along to the songs and drink hot chocolate