Omg I love this ! Could you do more Sarah as M…

Omg I love this ! Could you do more Sarah as Mom stuff. I simply love it. And while we’re at it , how’d she react if her teen daughter’s kinda shy and paparazzi keep taking pictures of them and it makes her uncomfortable?

Thank you sm !! I wrote an hc list for sarah as a mom btw if you haven’t already seen it {x} but i’ll prolly make another because i have alot to say lol

but oh gosh here comes protective mom-sarah

She would literally be so upset, because even tho she’s used to it, she for sure doesn’t want her babygirl subjected to that. She’d most likely go on insta and twitter and talk about how upset she is with the industry as a whole. The fact they’d invade her CHILD’S privacy when her daughter never asked to be born to someone who’s a public figure would upset her the most. She’d overthink it and end up crying because she would think it’s her fault. And she would try her best to keep her daughter out of public eye so her daughter wouldn’t have to experience that.