What are possible reasons for Sarah and her da…

What are possible reasons for Sarah and her daughter to get into a fight ?


1.) So when sarah’s daughter is a teen, she may start to feel uncomfortable with the fact her mom is famous and so her child is always being bombarded about questions of her mother. It might start to annoy her eventually. 

2.) she may have never wanted to be born to someone who is a public figure.  

3.) She feels she’ll never live up to her mother, and be upset about the expectations she’s set (even tho all sarah wants is for her daughter to be herself and be happy)

4.) She may feel neglected every now and again because as an actress, sarah can get very busy

5.) every mother and her child argue sometimes, but i don’t ever think sarah would have a fight that would ruin her elationship with her child. She seems too loving and understanding for that to happen