Author: The Horror Story Chronicles


Is this hell site finally going to die??

langdoms: ❛ no !


❛ no !


I wonder what Venable’s up to?


Maybe Tumblr will be deleted and I can move on with my existence…


One thing I would have changed about the finale is NOT stopping Queenie from going to the Cortez. Instead I would have had Mallory give her a charm made from Michael’s strand of hair that would have been meant to assist Cordelia is successfully freeing her once she was killed there.

Taht way, the season of Hotel wouldn’t now be an alternate or defunct (dying) timeline.


Tate is still suffering alone. 🔥 😈


I enjoyed the season well enough.

My biggest complaint is how random the power level of the witches are…which goes back to season one.

-Madison (traumatized) flips a bus/Madison (sad) choked to DEATH by a fucking zombie boy…

-Powerful witches surrounding Coco as she QUICKLY chokes and passes out from a snowball cake. They literally just watched it happen.

-A room full of witches all shot to death after a few feeble attempts at magic from just two of its members.

-Mallory uses a car to kill the antichrist after it was already established how powerful she was….but I suppose maybe she just liked the drama of it all. lol

ahshautelgaga: THIS SCENE HAD ME SHOOK AND I …




Things I’m confident will happen…

-at some point Dinah will be traded for Marie. The real QUEEN will reclaim her crown in the actual timeline.

-Madison will be brought back (obviously).

-Mallory will inform Cordelia about the events that transpired.

-The Witches will learn that they are trapped in a cycle with the anti-Christ always sacrificing to thwart his rise. Not disimilar to the cyclic torture in Hell but instead on Earth. Mallory will be prepped for her role in that cycle and eventually (decades later) ascend to role of the Supreme.


New Year’s Tradition

(Reusing this Halloween idea)

Cordelia and the girls crowd around a television that has been been rolled in. The couch spills over onto the floor with pillows and blankets as the girls spread out around it. Queenie clicks the TV on as buckets of popcorn float around the makeshift pillow fort. This was a new tradition but a favorite one. “My Roanoke Nightmare” flashes on the screen.

Madison watches from the back of the room. She eyes an empty pillow and blanket on the floor. Her spot. The weight of what she knows and what her Supreme has done for the Coven fills her heart…will she ever live up to what was done? She climbs onto a blanket, ready to gleefully squeal with all the girls when Scathach shows up…