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James March: Killer Love

Request: “Hiya! Can you do a Reader x James where they get into an argument and he throws up his arms/steps forward or something and Reader flinches as if she thought he would hit her and it breaks his heart? Thank you” – Anon

“It doesn’t humor you at all?” Liz asks out of curiosity. Her elbow was propped atop the bar counter, resting her chin on her hand.

You were across from her, sitting on the barstool. “Humor? What do you mean?”

“That your boyfriend is a ghost who died like 90 years ago.” She scoffs playfully, shooting you a isn’t-it-obvious look.

A chuckle escapes your mouth in response and you glance at the ceiling in quick thought. “Hmm. It didn’t actually register to me until you mentioned it.”

“I didn’t mean it in offense, doll. It’s just a thought.” Liz props herself up and shrugs apologetically. “Besides, I’ve noticed a little change in James since he’s met you. He’s less grumpy.”

“No kidding?”

“Speaking of the devil.” She glances at the top of the stairs where a figure appears, her eyes follow the direction walking towards you. You look over and your eyes gleam at the sight of the man you love. The very creator of the walls surrounding you. James Patrick March.

Liz starts on distracting herself by getting to work, wiping the bar counter to prevent herself from feeling like a third wheel. 


James removed the pipe in his mouth, exhaling the smoke away from my face before speaking firmly. “What on earth are these garments you’re wearing?” He spoke through gritted teeth, taking a deep inhale from his pipe. He’s obviously bothered. You frowned at what you thought was going to be a welcoming greeting that instead, reverted to a scolding.

You narrowed your eyes. “A dress. What’s your problem?” The gown you wore didn’t reveal too much cleavage, however, the slit started on the side of your upper thigh. To you and Liz, it’s classy with a touch of sexy. But by the tone in James’s voice, it’s too revealing. 

“My issue is this vile garment you call a dress. Now you go straight to our suite and change in more appropriate clothing.” He pointed with his cane.

“Whatever old man. We’re in the 21st century.” You rolled your eyes.

James catches Liz wide eyed from your sass. He brings his view back to you and huffs, flaring his nostrils. “Now.” He commanded, seeing you not propping yourself off the chair.

You folded your arms in front of your chest, keeping your bottom glued to the bar stool.

“If you prefer to act like a child, my queen, then I will treat you like so and drag you there myself.” James clenches his jaw and wears a remember-the-last-time-you-didn’t-listen look.

Finally, you decided to be stubborn no longer and set your feet to the carpet to make your way to the elevator.

As soon as you exited the elevator to the designated floor of your suite, you bolted down the hallway. You held your arms at your sides with both hands held in fists. As tempted as you were to throw a fit, you chose to bite your tongue, but James could easily sense your utter frustration with him.

“Stop following me god dammit!” You shout, scoffing dramatically.

Marching down the hallway, ahead of you there was just an empty hallway until James appears before your very eyes and you practically bump into his chest.

“Mind. Your. Language.” He attempted to bite back his anger.

“Jesus Christ!” You flinch from surprisal, shoving him out of the way, then proceeded to make your way to the suite you share with James. “You can’t just pop up wherever you please just because you’re a ghost! Unfair!”

“Oh yes I can, darling. This is the last you’ll ever walk away from me!” James being incredibly furious with you, continued to follow you down the hall.

Entering the suite, you didn’t bother holding the door open for James. Instead, you rushed to your walk in closet fast enough to close the closet door shut and lock it before James could get in.

“Open this damned door!” He slammed his fist on the door, pounding and pounding away. The first hit shook you, but the more and more he pounded, the more immune you were to it.

“And why should I?!” You shouted, clenching your fists at your sides.

“Darling there will be hell to pay if you do not let me in!”

James could easily evaporate and appear in the closet, but for some odd reason he didn’t. “You idiotic ghost.” You mumbled, rolling your eyes at the thought.

Just for a moment, there was silence. Not a pound on the door and not a peep from his mouth. Then all of a sudden, you find the closet door being kicked open by James’s right foot. His fury sprang to life, bolting towards you with rage in his eyes.

The expression on his face alone frightened you. You’ve seen him angry before, but not this extreme. Now you’ve become frightened to the point that you feared he would strangle you. The thought never occurred to you before and although he is a murderer, you were convinced that you were the exception, being his beloved and all. But seeing the rage in his eyes proved otherwise.

“J-James.” You stepped backwards, lips quivering in fear.

James grabs a hold of your shoulders. “You dare to test me?!” He shoves your back so roughly at the body mirror that you’re surprised it didn’t break. Your face goes pale, too afraid to answer him. He tries to shake a word out of you. “Dearest?!” James speaks through his teeth, nostrils flaring.

A tear makes its way down your cheek, terror overtaking your face as you stare into his dark eyes. “P-please.” You started in a loud whisper. “Don’t kill me.”

James’s expression goes from raged to puzzled. He shifts backward, releasing his grip for your shoulders. “Pardon?”

You swallowed, crossing your arms in front of your chest uncomfortably. “You heard me.” Your spoke in a low tone, view shifting to the floor.

“Dearest.” James whispers, tilting your chin up so that your view was to his face again. “Dearest, never would I ever.” His forehead furrowed from confusion.

“It sure seemed like you were.” Your lower lip trembled and you were on the verge of tears. “You looked so angry and and-“

James cuts you off, running his thumb across your chin. “Shh shh shh…” He goes soft, hushing you gently.

“I do admit, I am an insatiable killer. But never you. Never my queen.” He unwinds your arms so that his hands have a hold of your fingers. “No matter how greatly you may upset me, never do I mean any harm to you.” James lifts your hands at chest level, planting kisses at them both. Relief hits you like a truck and you quickly realize that James isn’t the only one in the wrong.

“And I’m sorry. I already know you have a temper and yet, I fucking pushed you.” You shake your head, feeling ashamed of your own actions. You know exactly what ticks him off, but you didn’t care at the moment.

“That’s quite alright.” James’s mood is abruptly elevated. “Come.” He brings his left hand palm up, glancing at it.

“Where to?” You ask but take his hand anyway.

“Oblige to have this dance with your king.” He directs out into the bedroom so that he can play Benny Goodman on his record player, then the two of you can slow dance chest to chest. You both know this will aid in relaxing the mood from the still fresh argument.

You smile as you watch him walk back to you from the record player, slow jazz sounds throughout the walls of the bedroom.

He smiles back. Your opposite hands link. James grabs a hold of your waist with his unoccupied hand. You melt from his touch, resting your ear to his chest, your eyes blinking slowly as you allow the music to whisk you away, stepping with the rhythm of the song.

“I love you, James.” You broke the sweet silence.

“And I you, dearest.” He responds, shutting his eyes while he plants a kiss atop your head.


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Tate X Reader “I’ve Fallen in Love with a Madman.”

“When did the visions start, Tate?” I had asked the blonde haired boy as he was sitting crisscrossed on my patient chair. He was a new patient, a very interesting patient indeed. If I had met him in high school I’d go as far as to say I’d think he was handsome, charming and manipulative. 

“What’s your first name, Miss Quinn?” He asked me, slightly distracting me from my own question. God, he was good.

“Y/N. Now please, answer the question that I’ve given you.” I said to him, patiently waiting for an answer from him. 

“2 years ago. It all starts the same…” He muttered to himself. He then leaned forward and furrowed his eyebrows.

“Are you a natural H/C?” He asked me, smiling. Again another distraction.

“Tate,” I said to him impatiently now. He smirked at me and giggled a little bit.

“You’re cute when you’re angry.” He said to me, making me have a slight blush on my cheeks. 

“Tate that’s not appropriate,” I said to him, giving him a warning look. 

This was the start of it all, I should’ve stuck with my gut and sensed something horrible and cruel was going to happen.

I laid down on my patient chair, sighing as my mind swam with mixed emotions and thoughts of the horrid. 

“Doctor, I don’t know how to say it. I.. I’ve fallen in love with a madman.” I said out loud, feeling a sigh of relief, a weight being lifted off of my chest. He started writing things on his clipboard and then placed the clipboard on his lap, revealing his face, that devilishly handsome face.

“I diagnose you with hybristophilia. You’re fucking insane.” He said to me, making me giggle and blush.

“Tate! Stop fooling around!” I said to him, biting my lip and smiling gently at him. He got up and walked towards me, throwing the clipboard in the air and hovering over my body. I blushed and started to feel light headed at how close he was to me. he was so intoxicating. He brought me into a heated but loving kiss, making my body tremble from the touch of his lips. I kissed back and placed my hands on his soft cheeks, rubbing my thumb over them as a gentle caress. When he pulled away I whimpered, craving more of his touch. He stood up and sighed playfully. I stood up from the chair and faced him, looking into his deep brown eyes.

“Miss Quinn, in all, do respect this entire relationship is-” He paused and dramatically turned away, then turning his head over his shoulder as if he was in a soap opera. 

“-forbidden.” he said to me, making me slap his arm and sigh.

“You don’t think I know this?” I muttered to him softly. His eyes softened up and he turned to me, bringing me closer to his chest gently. He laid a kiss on the top of my head and used his thumb to lift my chin towards him, facing him now.

“We’ll be okay. I promise we’ll be together forever. No matter what.” He said to me seriously. I bit my lip gently and hugged him close to me.

“Thank you, puddin,” I whispered to him gently.