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Alright but what if this photo of what looks like Cordelia being eaten is actually a flashback to sometime within those 18 months since the apocalypse? Hallows Eve is next episode, Cordelia’s ghost could be making an appearance with already dead Myrtle and Madison.






why is nobody talking about what happened when ms. mead got shot? what even was that stuff?

Thank you! Where are the discussions??

Emily ahs theory Emily has to be the same Em…

Emily ahs theory Emily has to be the same Emily mentioned in roanoak . I think because scathach saved lee out in the woods like she saved the butcher(eating the pig heart). I think the witches need emily to call fourth her mothers spirit. Lee was given power? strength?? of some sort by scathach to sacrifice to the old gods……old gods as in before christ and antichrist. I think the coven can get to scataches magic to stop michael via emily and lees

Sounds thrilling to me! Would love to see it!



Filming has restarted at murder house again!

Jessica Lange was spotted on set along with Frances Conroy as Moira. Sarah took a selfie with a fan and she was dressed as Billie Dean and Emma was on set as well.


Okay but I have not seen one person other than…

Okay but I have not seen one person other than myself who caught the fact that Nana said she,"was going to call Dot " in the first episode during the scene where Evan peters comes to get her before the bombs and?? Am I crazy? I watched it like 5 times and hear the name dot everytime , so maybe he is related to Kit?

I think she says “Donald” as in the President of the US. Since he would (hopefully) know the details regarding an apocalyptic event.

No second chances. #AHSApocalypse

No second chances. #AHSApocalypse

In the trailer for next episode, around 12 sec…

In the trailer for next episode, around 12 second mark POTENTIALLY shows coven girls. However, I have a theory that the coven turned themselves into snakes and went underground to save themselves. Why else would they suddenly come alive when being served for dinner?

My assumption was that the snakes were manifested through Langdon. I believe he too was also responsible for their sudden return to the mortal coil.