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Personalized Fic Giveaway !

OMLLL HAPPY ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY !! I cannot believe it’s already been a whole year since i created this blog ! It’s just really unbelievable tbh. So for the celebration, I wanna do like a giveaway thingy to give back to my followers. You guys have really helped me and encouraged me and it still makes me happy anytime i see someone like my writings. 


~Just like this post so I know you want one, and I’ll message you to get the details !! 


You can request anything {except rape scenarios blease} with any character from ahs ! I dunno how many people would wanna participate so it may take a while for me to get to your fic or I might get it done super fast, either way please be patient ! 

Again thank you guys so much this warms my heart to know my writing is being seen by so many people♥♥ 



Hi there! 😉

So, i am the new Admin (Julia)! Yaaaay! Y’all can call me Jo, cause I hate my name lololol. I hope you guys don’t hate me, honestly 🤷🏼‍♀️. Since I am terrible at introducing myself, I’ll just leave some facts/curiosities about me…you can read it if you wanna get to know me better 😉

• I am nineteen years old;

• I live in Canada;

• I have started watching American Horror Story in 2014 , and it’s my favorite show ever till this current day lol ❤️

• My favorite actors on the show are Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, Finn Wittrock, and Angela Bassett.

• My favorite male characters in the show are the Axeman, Rudolph Valentino, and James March.

• My favorite female characters are Lana Winters, Sister Mary Eunice (possessed), Sally McKenna, and The Countess.

• I’m trash for offensive memes, ooops;

• I’m obsessed with Lana Del Rey and Lady Gaga. No joke, if they come around, sure as hell I be in their concerts.

• I’m vegan, my friends 🤷🏼‍♀️👀🐮

• I cry till this current day over the deaths of River Phoenix and Kurt Cobain;

• Did I say too much? Yeah? Well, sorry guys. I am just really talkative lmao.

Imagine #29: Making out with Mary

Imagine #29: Making out with Mary

A/N: Possessed Mary Eunice

Her swollen lips glided with yours, mimicking every motion. As you tilted your head one way she tilted hers the other, trying to keep her dominance over yours. Whenever you two kisses it was always a battle for who could lead who. When you slipped your tongue in between her lips she would take a chance and bite at you lower lip, making you whimper with excitement in response. She tangled her hand in your messy locks and began to guide you to her worn out bed, that had been used for who knows how many generations before her. 

“Touch me y/n” Mary whispered against your hot, flushed skin. 

You looked down at her, her eyes twirled with blue and gold, the swirls clashing between each other. You could barely pull yourself from her gorgeous eyes. 

what other tv shows are you into?

what other tv shows are you into?

oof I like a lot of other shows but my mains are rupauls drag race, scream queens, and stranger things

hc of kissing lana? i love her sm and ur writi…

hc of kissing lana? i love her sm and ur writing makes me feel better buddy- i've had a shit day 🙁

Im so sorry honey, if you need to message me im here ! here’s the hc {x} much love♥

Imagine Mary Eunice seeing your self harm scar…

Imagine Mary Eunice seeing your self harm scars

You itched the healed skin underneath your sleeve, once again remembering the memories of what used to be. The stress and the sadness that once consumed your life. Getting you to that point. Leading you up to this. You shook your head and continued piling up old dusted over books, sorting them by genre. 

“Hello y/n, how are you doing today ?” You heard a calm voice from behind you ask. 

You turned on your heels to see none other than Sister Mary Eunice, the only person in here that had any compassion.

“Just sorting books Sister .” You responded, getting distracted by her smile.

You began itching your arm again, without realizing it.

“Are you okay ?” Mary asked as she watched your arm suspiciously. 

Panicking, you answered quickly, “I-it’s nothing.”

Mary walked closer to you,and gently held your arm in her soft hands. She rolled up your sleeve and her jaw dropped. The now white scars were from a while ago but the impact was still very strong to Mary. You looked her in the eyes and saw tiny tear drops beginning to form. Her pale skin somehow had gotten whiter and the shock in her face never left. 

“Oh…y/n…”  Her voice cracked.

“I’m…I’m sorry Sister.”

Surprisingly, Mary ignored your words and embraced you passionately, holding you against her own body. 

“I’m sorry y/n. I’m here for you now.”

I 💗 your blog so much.

I 💗 your blog so much.

Aw thank you♥♥

You heard a soft pitter patter behind you, you…

You heard a soft pitter patter behind you, you assumed it was your girlfriend misty walking barefoot as she usually did. However this time, you felt a soft nudge from behind your knee. Your knees buckled a bit and you anxiously turned around. Your jaw hung and your eyes snapped wider at the sight in-front of you. A large dog with matted fur laid with drool running down its sloppy lips. 

“He don’t bite ! Don’t be scared.” You heard Misty’s voice from behind you. “He’s real nice.” She giggled.

“Where did he come from ?” You asked, eyes still locked on the mutt.

“Found him eatin’ garbage outside. Ain’t he pretty ?” 

“Misty baby, you know we can’t keep strays.” You sighed. 

“Please ?” She begged. “Just fur tonight ?” Misty got down on her knees next to the large dog and looked up to you with begging eyes, mimicking the dog.

You shook your head and put your face into your hands. “How can I say no to that face ?”

this is a v weird nsfw question thats been bot…

this is a v weird nsfw question thats been bothering me…. who out of sarahs charcters would be more, ahem….. oh dear god OKAY HERE WE GO basically who out of sarahs characters would have a mommy kink? As in called mommy? sorryidkhowtoaskstuffbutiloveurblogbuddy

OOF no it’s totally okay I love getting asks like this. My guesses would be defiantly Lana, cause she’s a gay dommy mommy, probably Billie, and Ally. and thank you sm darling

Pretty || Foxxay || Oneshot

Summary: Misty dresses up for a special party Cordelia invited her to, but she feels really insecure with how she looks

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 580

Warnings: None

Misty sat eyes glued to the television in front of her. Her fingers twittled with a piece of hair between her fingers.

“Keep staring at that thing and you’ll become even dumber” 

“If I’m dumber you’re dumbest.” Misty retorted at Madison.

“Girls please stop fight for once.” Cordelia sighed as she walked into the kitchen, hair tied and eyes tired. 

“Sorry Dee…” Misty said dimly. 

“Whatever losers, I’ve got a date to go get ready for, have fun with your little lesbo convention.” 

“Issa counsel meetin’“ Misty rolled her eyes as Madison strutted away, head held high and hips swaying. 

“Don’t mind her baby.” Cordelia cooed as she leaned down to kiss Misty’s head. “You ready for tonight ?”

“More excited to see you in that pretty dress.” Misty giggled.

Misty looked into the mirror with squinted eyes. She searched up and down at her own reflection, taking in each detail. The way her body curved and how log her legs were. Every detail. 

“You almost ready sweetheart ?” Cordelia asked as she put in one of her earrings, coming out of the bathroom into their bedroom. 

All Delia heard was silence, which was foreign coming from Misty. Intrigued, Cordelia walked toward her girlfriend. Cordelia immediately noticed the tone in the room by the look in her lovers eyes. A tear was shedding down Misty’s face as she looked at herself in the dusty mirror.

“Baby, what’s wrong ?” Cordelia inquired as she rushed towards Misty, but still keeping a bit of distance between them out of caution. 

“Do you think I’m ugly Dee ?” Misty asked, her voice quivering with each syllable. 

Cordelia herself felt tear swelling up inside her at the question. The mere thought of Misty not being able to see herself as Delia saw her, made her crumble. 

“Of course not Mist.” Cordelia said breathlessly as she hugged Misty. “Why would you ask such a thing ?”

Misty began sniffling, her nose running from crying. “I-I jus….You’re so beautiful Dee. I wasn’ ever tha’ pretty.” Misty let the words run out from her chapped lips. With each sound that came from her croaking throat, another tear rolled down the tall blonde’s freckled face. 

Cordelia took Misty’s chin between her fingers, not paying attention to the sweat on her palms, and shifted her head to face her. “Listen to me, listen to my words Misty Day. You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen in my whole life.The way your body curves and the way your eyes sparkle…You’re just gorgeous. I love kissing your soft lips, and hugging your tiny little body. You’re so damn pretty, it’s not fair honestly. But baby beauty isn’t everything. It’s just the icing on the cupcake. And you’re a whole cake angel.”

Misty let another couple tears roll down her eyes, but it wasn’t because of her insecurities. It was because she realized that the love of her life, was standing right in front of her. They stood holding each other for what seemed like years. In her heart, Cordelia knew she held the world’s purest soul in the palm of her hand. And she was going to try her best to take care of it. 

Misty let go of Cordelia and let her wipe her tears. 

 "You gonna be okay doll ?“ She asked in a hushed voice. 

"I think so.” Misty laughed.