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UGH ive missed ur blog on my dash!!! welcome b…

UGH ive missed ur blog on my dash!!! welcome back! 🙂

DKDSKD this is cute ily

Do you think Possessed Mary Eunice and Nora wo…

Do you think Possessed Mary Eunice and Nora would fight all day about who's the bad bitch while Misty and Shelby meditate

that actually sounds,,,,suspiciously accurate, alSO

lana would probably be super confused at the fact all of these girls look,,,,,a little TOO similar. 

cordelia would be silently panicking while trying to clean up the mess nora and mary are making while swinging fists

and billie dean would be yodeling at the fact she’s in the presence of the actual devil 

along with audrey trying to video tape the fight

Where are youuu ? I miss you

Where are youuu ? I miss you

AW i’m sorry i haven’t been super active on my imagines blog for a bit, i’ve been busy with school n being moody. but imma write tons over this weekend so u can send (or resend) any requests i didn’t get to 🙂

are you doing okay???

are you doing okay???

tysm for asking ! yeah im gucci, i started new meds and i’m hoping to get back into writing again soon (if school can let me breathe smh😔✌️)

Just here to second the Mallory Goode-Day moti…

Just here to second the Mallory Goode-Day motion. Pls more!! 💕

I’m so glad u like it !! I really wanna write more of it

Do you think Sarah would get mad at her kid fo…

Do you think Sarah would get mad at her kid for getting drunk ?

Ooooh it depends !

If they didn’t tell her and she had to find out some other way, she’d be upset. Mostly because she feels as if her kid doesn’t trust her or is scared to tell her the truth, so that makes her feel like a bad mom.

If they

got drunk at a party she’d be upset. Mostly just because of how unsafe it is to get drunk in a random place without friends to help you.

If they told her and were honest, she’d be a little disappointed, but all kids do this at least once, so she says next time just call her so she can pick them up.

If they got drunk alone at home, she’d probably ask how it was lol. She wouldn’t have much of a problem with it because it’s their house, and she knows her child is safe there. She just says don’t do it again


since tumblr is probably gonna delete my blog again…

So if you haven’t heard starting on December 17th tumblr will not be allowing “adult content” on here anymore. So if they do decide to delete me and I can’t get it back like last time, I’m gonna leave my socials on here so the people that enjoy my writings can still contact me/read my work

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ily guys and I’m sorry this is happening 🙁

Okay but hear me out: Misty as Mallory’s mom

This would include

Misty calling Mallory a bunch of cute bug nicknames like “june bug” and her favourite is “flea” when mallory is being extra hyper

Teaching Mallory about gardening

but leaving the magic part of it to Cordelia since she’s better

Them dancing together at 2am listening to Fleetwood Mac

Misty would just be so happy to have a daughter like Mallory

Mallory calling Misty “mama”

mAllory dEvelOpiNg a SouTHerN aCcENt ???

They would go looking for roadkill together so Mallory could heal the animal and Misty could bring it back to life

Misty would take Mallory on mommy-daughter dates in the woods and they’d like make flower crowns and Misty would introduce Mallory to her favourite alligator 

Imagine #31: Foxxay flirting

Imagine #31: Foxxay flirting

A/N: This sounds really cliche but i actually really like it, hope u do too !

After being reunited, it’s like they were the only two people in the world. They were completely intertwined, both going through the process of losing the other. They knew without one each other, they’d be split in half. But together, they were whole. 

“Yanno yer the cutest, bug.” Misty would whisper into Cordelia’s hair as she stroked it softly. Delia nuzzled her face into the crook of Misty’s neck, and giggled. 

“You already know you’re the cutest girl in the entire world.”

Imagine #33: Mallory being Foxxay’s (Misty and…

Imagine #33: Mallory being Foxxay’s (Misty and Cordelia’s) child

A/N: OKAY SO im so sorry this is really long but bro I love this family ?? Like it’s so perfect and would fit so well like ryan dm me I just wanna talk-

Cordelia continued to push back the loose strands of hair from Mallory’s face. 

“Mom, I’m gonna be late !” Mallory giggled at her mother’s final attempt to tidy her up.

“I know, it’s just senior photos are a big deal !” Cordelia sighed and resentfully made a shoo-ing motion with her hand. “Go ahead, you’re gonna miss the bus.”

Mallory smiled widely before shouting to Misty, “Bye mama, I love you !”

Moments later you could hear through the echoing halls a, “Love ya too, june bug !”

Mallory made a final ‘goodbye’ wave at Cordelia before exiting the coven doors.

Sighing heavily, Cordelia stood for a couple moments watching over the door. Examining it, all the cracks and paint that was flaking off of it. When she felt a hand gently grip her shoulder.

“Babe ?”

Pulled out of a dream, Cordelia turned around, and saw her wife, still covered head to toe in pancake mix.

“Still didn’t get cleaned up, huh ?” Cordelia giggle.

“If someone didn’t rush me, maybe I wouldn’t be so messy,” Misty smiled widely as she pulled her wife in a tight embrace.

“No ! You’re gonna get pancake all over me.” Cordelia half-hardheartedly struggled as if she was trying to break the embrace.

Laughing, Misty just held her closer.

“I love ya so much, Delia.”