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Some punishments are worth more than death. #A…

Some punishments are worth more than death. #AHSApocalypse





Ooh, some angst please: “I know you didn…

Ooh, some angst please: “I know you didn’t mean it, but it still hurt.” 🙂

Imma write this for bananun since their relationship works best with this ! Tysm btw (possessed Mary)

“Lana, please, calm down. You know I’m like this. I’m the devil, you can’t expect me to be monogamous.”

Lana sat on her bed, legs folded so her knees touched her chin.

“I saw you with her…You told her you wanted to…” Lana began to tear up again at the mere thought of it.

“I know you didn’t mean it, but it still hurt.” Lana whispered as she fixed her eyes to the floor.

Mary felt a sharp pain in her chest. Even though she promised herself, even though she thought she was incapable of such feelings, she truly did care for this woman.

“Lana I-” Mary muttered. “I never wanted to hurt you. I care about you a lot, yanno.”

Lana removed her gaze from the hard cement and looked towards Mary. 

“You…you do ?”

Rolling her eyes, Mary smirked, “Yeah but don’t tell anyone. I’m not, a complete monster. At least when it comes to you.”

Imagine #33: Mallory being Foxxay’s (Misty and…

Imagine #33: Mallory being Foxxay’s (Misty and Cordelia’s) child

A/N: OKAY SO im so sorry this is really long but bro I love this family ?? Like it’s so perfect and would fit so well like ryan dm me I just wanna talk-

Cordelia continued to push back the loose strands of hair from Mallory’s face. 

“Mom, I’m gonna be late !” Mallory giggled at her mother’s final attempt to tidy her up.

“I know, it’s just senior photos are a big deal !” Cordelia sighed and resentfully made a shoo-ing motion with her hand. “Go ahead, you’re gonna miss the bus.”

Mallory smiled widely before shouting to Misty, “Bye mama, I love you !”

Moments later you could hear through the echoing halls a, “Love ya too, june bug !”

Mallory made a final ‘goodbye’ wave at Cordelia before exiting the coven doors.

Sighing heavily, Cordelia stood for a couple moments watching over the door. Examining it, all the cracks and paint that was flaking off of it. When she felt a hand gently grip her shoulder.

“Babe ?”

Pulled out of a dream, Cordelia turned around, and saw her wife, still covered head to toe in pancake mix.

“Still didn’t get cleaned up, huh ?” Cordelia giggle.

“If someone didn’t rush me, maybe I wouldn’t be so messy,” Misty smiled widely as she pulled her wife in a tight embrace.

“No ! You’re gonna get pancake all over me.” Cordelia half-hardheartedly struggled as if she was trying to break the embrace.

Laughing, Misty just held her closer.

“I love ya so much, Delia.”

hello!! do you think Sally would kill her s/o …

hello!! do you think Sally would kill her s/o if they asked for it? as in they wanted to die in the Cortez to spend eternity with her? also, what do you think Sally's reaction would be if she walked in to see her s/o arguing with March in an attempt to relieve Sally of the rape demon? Much love from London 🙂 // (now i wanna request a fic for this but i know you are drowning in requests at the mo, so if not its all good)

You should request it omg ! okay lemme break this down

Do you think Sally would kill her s/o ?

I believe Sally would definitely kill her s/o. Because if they were dead like her, they could never leave. And we all know Sally has sort of an obsessive love, so the s/o being able to always be hers is something she’d love

Sally’s reaction to her s/o saving her ? 

Aight so Sally walks in on her s/o arguing with March, and when she hears what they were arguing about she’d be so confused. Because she wouldn’t understand that someone finally loved her that much. Like she had never have someone actually put forth an effort to help her. Especially since the demon is such a traumatic thing for her, she would just be so grateful for the s/o

LMAO at Ally's part in the jealous thing …

LMAO at Ally's part in the jealous thing XD Did not see that twist coming, but now I can't unsee it. It woult totally be like that, haha

I’m so happy you liked it haha♥

How do you think possessed Mary Eunice would r…

How do you think possessed Mary Eunice would react to someone discriminating against her s.o about race,gender,sexuality etc? I think she'd defend them but mostly because it's another person and they belong to her. Your writing is amazing and I just wanted to know your opinion.

Thank you sm ! I honestly think she’d kinda ignore it for a bit because she’s satan, but it would start really annoying her if she saw that it made you upset. And she would most likely torture the person who was discriminating against you 

yoo- is there any chance of a sarah's cha…

yoo- is there any chance of a sarah's characters when jealous fic? i'm ill rn and really frigging love ur blog 🙂

I did a preferences with all her characters being jealous just now ! {x} tysm i hope you get better angel

Sarah’s characters being jealous || Preference…

Billie Dean Howard

~She’d be lowkey scary

~Like she’d go up to the person

~And calmly say smth like

~”If you touch her, you will die”

~and just smile and walk away

Lana Winters

~Trying extra hard to make you know she loves you alot

~Like she would be more of a “sad” jealous person

~Just being upset at the thought of you being with someone else

~So she tries hard to make you know you’re her everything

Cordelia Goode



~Being really insecure

~”I just don’t know what I’d do if…”

~Whenever you’re talking to the person she’s jealous of, she’d like come up and kiss you

Bette Tattler

~/Insert sad soup opera music/

~”wELL whY DonT YoU Go oFF WiTh hER TheN ??”

~Wondering if she’s not enough

Dot Tattler


~legit making this face 


~She’d be like “sis wtf stop”

~being all over you

Sally McKenna


~Actually scary

~Ending up punching the person she’s jealous of

~Getting drunk and crying about how scared she is of losing you

~Ends up killing the person she’s jealous of

Audrey Tindall

~Being confused ??

~Like she is very confident so she’s confused why you would like someone else

~So she starts doubting her self worth

~”Maybe you’d be happier with them…”

Ally Mayfair



~Like she’d go to that person’s house

~and tp it

~And she’d think she was a badass after that

~But turns out she tp’ed that person’s neighbor 

Wilhelmina Venable

~Kills them

~Like thats the end of that story

~Then you go to her and you’re like “/blank/ died omg !”

~and she’s like

~”They got what they deserved”