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Emily ahs theory Emily has to be the same Em…

Emily ahs theory Emily has to be the same Emily mentioned in roanoak . I think because scathach saved lee out in the woods like she saved the butcher(eating the pig heart). I think the witches need emily to call fourth her mothers spirit. Lee was given power? strength?? of some sort by scathach to sacrifice to the old gods……old gods as in before christ and antichrist. I think the coven can get to scataches magic to stop michael via emily and lees

Sounds thrilling to me! Would love to see it!

No second chances. #AHSApocalypse

No second chances. #AHSApocalypse






There is certainly a shift coming

this season will shift massively midway through. I’m expecting the first half to be the Outpost shenanigans and then the second half to involve the Coven.

Therefore I think the fate of certain characters in Outpost 3 can be derived.

However the three mysteries of this season (so far) are:

-Who is worthy for sanctuary?

-Who is Rubberman?



For those playing Biblical Bingo at home:

Venable: Old Testament God. Making rules that are cruel and impossible to abide by. Happily delving out punishment to those who disobey. Particularly angry about sex and biological urges.

Outpost 3: Eden. Protection from the evils of the world outside.

Timothy: Adam. The perfect man.

Emily: Eve. The perfect woman.

Langdon: Santan. Temptation and torture.

Rubberman: original sin. Brought into Eden (Outpost) by Satan (Langdon).

Now…Ms. Meade….perhaps knowledge and innovation and therefore the eventual betrayer of Old Testament God (Venable) and eventual tool of Satan. “Hail, Satan…”

Those deemed “worthy” get to go on to a (possibly fictional) sanctuary (Heaven).

Here’s a first look at the return of Queen Con…

Here’s a first look at the return of Queen Constance…the one and only Lady Lange…being directed by that dynamo of wit and talent Sarah Paulson.




Are we being witch-baited?