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Ooh, some angst please: “I know you didn…

Ooh, some angst please: “I know you didn’t mean it, but it still hurt.” 🙂

Imma write this for bananun since their relationship works best with this ! Tysm btw (possessed Mary)

“Lana, please, calm down. You know I’m like this. I’m the devil, you can’t expect me to be monogamous.”

Lana sat on her bed, legs folded so her knees touched her chin.

“I saw you with her…You told her you wanted to…” Lana began to tear up again at the mere thought of it.

“I know you didn’t mean it, but it still hurt.” Lana whispered as she fixed her eyes to the floor.

Mary felt a sharp pain in her chest. Even though she promised herself, even though she thought she was incapable of such feelings, she truly did care for this woman.

“Lana I-” Mary muttered. “I never wanted to hurt you. I care about you a lot, yanno.”

Lana removed her gaze from the hard cement and looked towards Mary. 

“You…you do ?”

Rolling her eyes, Mary smirked, “Yeah but don’t tell anyone. I’m not, a complete monster. At least when it comes to you.”

Sarah’s characters being jealous || Preference…

Billie Dean Howard

~She’d be lowkey scary

~Like she’d go up to the person

~And calmly say smth like

~”If you touch her, you will die”

~and just smile and walk away

Lana Winters

~Trying extra hard to make you know she loves you alot

~Like she would be more of a “sad” jealous person

~Just being upset at the thought of you being with someone else

~So she tries hard to make you know you’re her everything

Cordelia Goode



~Being really insecure

~”I just don’t know what I’d do if…”

~Whenever you’re talking to the person she’s jealous of, she’d like come up and kiss you

Bette Tattler

~/Insert sad soup opera music/

~”wELL whY DonT YoU Go oFF WiTh hER TheN ??”

~Wondering if she’s not enough

Dot Tattler


~legit making this face 


~She’d be like “sis wtf stop”

~being all over you

Sally McKenna


~Actually scary

~Ending up punching the person she’s jealous of

~Getting drunk and crying about how scared she is of losing you

~Ends up killing the person she’s jealous of

Audrey Tindall

~Being confused ??

~Like she is very confident so she’s confused why you would like someone else

~So she starts doubting her self worth

~”Maybe you’d be happier with them…”

Ally Mayfair



~Like she’d go to that person’s house

~and tp it

~And she’d think she was a badass after that

~But turns out she tp’ed that person’s neighbor 

Wilhelmina Venable

~Kills them

~Like thats the end of that story

~Then you go to her and you’re like “/blank/ died omg !”

~and she’s like

~”They got what they deserved”

Sarah’s characters reacting to glowing star st…

A/N: If you don’t understand the title it’s referring to little star stickers that glow in the dark !

Billie Dean Howard:

~Thinking it’s cute

~Rolling her eyes and smiling

~”Wow you are such a kid”

~Calling you a dork

Lana Winters:

~”Aww baby”

~Thinking it’s the cutest thing ever

~Watching them with you at night

~Buying you more

Cordelia Goode:

~Literally screaming because she thinks it’s so pure 

~”Such an angel aren’t you ?”

~Letting you put some in her room to make you feel more at home when you slept over

Bette Tattler:

~”Ain’t that the cutest thing ?”

~Wanting some too

~”Where’d ya find something so neat ?”

Dot Tattler:

~”Isn’t that for kiddies ?”

~Being a little confused

~But not being rude

~Just doesn’t really understand the appeal

Sally McKenna:

~Weired out by it

~But finding it oddly innocent

~Like not understanding how someone could still be so pure 

~She wouldn’t say anything rude she just wouldn’t be into really

Audrey Tindall:

~”How adorable”

~Poking fun at you a bit

~But nothing too rude

~Just thinking it’s odd

Ally Mayfair:

~She’d think it’s really cute

~Asking why you still have them

~Calling you a baby

~But secretly thinking about how adorable you are


about lana and the mommy kink (tw)

Before reading this just know I bring up talk of abuse ! Continue with caution loves. I’ve seen a lot of people who have been pretty rude towards me because I personally believe lana would have a mommy kink. I am here to give some insight why I think she would. Obviously she went through horrific events when thredson kidnapped her. He had a “mommy” kink and exposed lana to that. Now a lot of people handle trauma in different ways. If you know anything about (trigger warning⚠️) sexual abuse, the two main effects of it are hypersexuality, and sex repulsed. There are many other outcomes that could come out of that but those are the two most common. So I can definitely see why some people would think lana would want to throw up at even the word “mommy”. But there is also the possibility she could be attracted to being called mommy. Because every person handles trauma differently. Idk I was just thinking about this because I’ve been through trauma and abuse and so I just thought I’d let everyone know not everyone is the same and everyone handles things differently ! Sorry for the vent I hope you have a good day and reminder I’m always here for all of you 💓💕💖💗💞💘💝

Sarah Paulson at the Met Gala.

Sarah Paulson at the Met Gala.