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Same girl same.

All hail. Watch it all again on FX+. http://bi…

All hail. Watch it all again on FX+. #AHSApocalypse

Imagine #31: Foxxay flirting

Imagine #31: Foxxay flirting

A/N: This sounds really cliche but i actually really like it, hope u do too !

After being reunited, it’s like they were the only two people in the world. They were completely intertwined, both going through the process of losing the other. They knew without one each other, they’d be split in half. But together, they were whole. 

“Yanno yer the cutest, bug.” Misty would whisper into Cordelia’s hair as she stroked it softly. Delia nuzzled her face into the crook of Misty’s neck, and giggled. 

“You already know you’re the cutest girl in the entire world.”

Respect your queen. #AHSApocalypse

Respect your queen. #AHSApocalypse


I wonder what Venable’s up to?

Protect the world from the next Apocalypse. ht…

Protect the world from the next Apocalypse.

Some punishments are worth more than death. #A…

Some punishments are worth more than death. #AHSApocalypse

Sarah’s characters being jealous || Preference…

Billie Dean Howard

~She’d be lowkey scary

~Like she’d go up to the person

~And calmly say smth like

~”If you touch her, you will die”

~and just smile and walk away

Lana Winters

~Trying extra hard to make you know she loves you alot

~Like she would be more of a “sad” jealous person

~Just being upset at the thought of you being with someone else

~So she tries hard to make you know you’re her everything

Cordelia Goode



~Being really insecure

~”I just don’t know what I’d do if…”

~Whenever you’re talking to the person she’s jealous of, she’d like come up and kiss you

Bette Tattler

~/Insert sad soup opera music/

~”wELL whY DonT YoU Go oFF WiTh hER TheN ??”

~Wondering if she’s not enough

Dot Tattler


~legit making this face 


~She’d be like “sis wtf stop”

~being all over you

Sally McKenna


~Actually scary

~Ending up punching the person she’s jealous of

~Getting drunk and crying about how scared she is of losing you

~Ends up killing the person she’s jealous of

Audrey Tindall

~Being confused ??

~Like she is very confident so she’s confused why you would like someone else

~So she starts doubting her self worth

~”Maybe you’d be happier with them…”

Ally Mayfair



~Like she’d go to that person’s house

~and tp it

~And she’d think she was a badass after that

~But turns out she tp’ed that person’s neighbor 

Wilhelmina Venable

~Kills them

~Like thats the end of that story

~Then you go to her and you’re like “/blank/ died omg !”

~and she’s like

~”They got what they deserved”

More Gooday/Foxxay Headcanons ! Lets go lesbia…

~Misty hates energy drinks

~but loves coffee

~and Cordelia has to make a limit on how much she can drink

~They’re both thrifting buddies

~They wear eachothers clothes

~Misty loves giving Cordelia piggy back rides

~And even tho Cordelia pretends to not like it she actually loves it

~Misty,,,,,loves dark chocolate so much

~But Cordelia only likes white

~So when it’s valentines day they both agree to just buy a big pack and split it

~Misty playing guitar for Cordelia

~(NSFW) sex in the greenhouse all the time skjdhfk

~Slow dancing at night

~Misty likes back scratches and Cordelia likes back rubs

~Misty wanting to straighten her hair but Cordelia is like “nO”

~Because she’s in love with her curls

~Like she’ll play with Misty’s hair all the time

~So Misty not having little whispies makes her sad 🙁

~Misty loves scrapbooking with Cordelia

~Misty wanting to make a band with the coven called “lesbian cult”

~Cordelia prohibits Misty from making said band

~Cordelia making a tee shirt with “Gooday” written on it

~For Cordelia’s birthday Misty would get her an alligator

~And cordelia would end up falling off the couch and running out of the room

~Misty covering their room with posters

~Cordelia is vvv addicted to chapstick

~Which makes things messy sometimes when they kiss

~Because now Misty has glittery cherry balm all over her upper lip

~They love watching documentaries together

Headcanon #48: Foxxay’s wedding dayA/N: …

Headcanon #48: Foxxay’s wedding day

A/N: aka the most beautiful event known to man 

PS i cried while writing this so that was fun,,,

~Misty accidentally walking in on Cordelia putting on her dress

~She would say “OOF” and cover her eyes really quick

~While having her eyes still covered, she’d try to go back out of the room

~But ultimately failing and knocking over everything within arms reach

~They’d get a hugeeee cake

~Ofc getting Fleetwood Mac to play 

~At the actual ceremony it’s Cordelia that stands at the alter

~But they both legit argued for days who would be the one to stand at the alter

~Because they both wanted to watch the other come down the aisle

~Cordelia would be wear a very tight white elegant dress, with lots of jewels on it

~While Misty’s dress would be hugeeee and poofy

~N it’d have fancy gloves cause she wanted to be a fancy lady sjdjdks

~Okay now lets get real 

~They would both be sobbing

~Like the second Cordelia sees Misty coming down that aisle they’d both just break into tears of joy

~The song Misty would walk down the aisle to would prolly be “crystal” instrumental 

~Ohmygod they would be smiling so big

~BRO they’d get stevie to be the minister to get them married

~and when the she says “do you take // to be your wife ?” they both scream yes

~When it’s time to kiss they fling onto eachother

~Just pecking over and over again

~Like 254637 kisses 

~Both just repeating “I love you”

~Oh boy

~now time for the reception 

~Let’s just say

~It’s about to get wild

~Zoe would be freaking out

~And so would Cordelia

~Because Misty, Madison, Nan, and Kyle are all screaming the lyrics to Edge of Seventeen and dancing violently

~”Okay now mist- misty no- mISTY GET OFF THE TABLE NO”

~But once things calm down misty just cuddles cordelia the rest of the night

~Because now she can actually call her “mrs. day”

~They would slow dance to all the cutest stevie and fleetwood mac songs

~It would go on until midnight and by then Misty is passed out in a lawn chair holding cordelia 

~And Madison is crying, drunk, lecturing nan about how much she loves the coven

~Kyle is on the roof for some reason ???